FairWay Awards 2020

FairWay Awards is delivering new insight into grass health on golf courses in Great Britain.

The aim is fuel a discussion about grass health and how golf green keepers can use the latest technology as part of the continual drive for improvement.

FairWay Awards uses empirical, objective scientific data.

Satellite monitoring of grass on golf courses can:

  1. Help golf course owners know instantly how well they are doing – and how their competitors are doing
  2. Enable golf green keepers to set improvement targets for the club and provides a means to measure whether those targets are met
  3. Help create a persuasive argument to build a case for more budgets
  4. Provide diagnostics that can help deliver better fertiliser precision and response across the course

Literally, an out of this world insight that reaches to the grass roots of the golf sector.

Mike Heisig: Mike-Heisig@btconnect.com 07775 666916


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