Just out – post lock down grass health reports

In the UK we had the wettest February on record earlier this year but this quickly over shadowed by Covid-19 and lockdown.

Just released are early indications of the health of golf sports grass at the end of June 2020.

The results are courtesy of satellite passes taking readings each week and delivering an enhanced NDVI.

Three things stand out

1. Regionally there is a lot of variation in grass health

2. It is now possible monitor and benchmark grass health by satellite which today gives an insight into what grass health looked like going into the COVID-19 lock down and what it looked like coming out.

3. The concept of precision agronomy has been established in agriculture for over 10 years, but the concept of precision sports turf management is on the horizon in the golf sector.

WE aim to provide updates each quarter so look out for Q3 later this year as well.

Are we are stating on a fascinating journey – let me know what you think?

Mike Heisig


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