The Wembley turf few have seen before

Think about the TV cameras streaming football matches from Wembley to the world over the years and you can imagine, maybe just maybe, that some people have noticed the grass under the players feet.

Here is view of the Wembley turf that few people have seen, its from a satellite and its measuring the vitality of the grass using KDVI.

Ahead of the England : Poland football match on the 31st March the image above was taken last week. With very little direct overhead sunlight the winter months can be very stressful for grass which needs additional lighting to assist growth.

The image below shows the difference between late winter turf condition (right) and the turf at its absolute peak in June (left).

Of course on TV the grass will look emerald green but this type if technology is able to detect changes in grass vitality that are not obvious to the human eye.

Want to find out more about Precision Sports Turf?

There is a lot of information available free on this website and you can also sign up for a free, no commitment trial at your course or club here.

On final question, I wonder how the health of grass affects the role of the ball?


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