The sports turf industry media maintains much discussion about the need for and role of cutting edge technology and expertise required to manage sports turf grass in peak condition through the year.

In striving for the perfect playing experience through the year green keepers are expected to keep a lot of plates spinning at the same time:

  • The expectations of customers
  • The standing of the golf course itself
  • The environment
  • Attracting and keeping staff
  • Budgets available in the business
  • Individual skill levels
  • New ideas and technologies in the sector

Not to mention other challenges like work life balance and career choice.


Fairway Awards exists to stimulate the thinking about grass health and soil health across the golf industry by integrating some of the latest digital technologies.

We are looking at two initiatives. One is making available to individual golf courses real time detailed information about the relationship between inputs and grass health. The second is to engage the industry as a whole (greenskeepers, distributers and manufacturers and the media) to think and talk about grass health.


Innovative Technology For Green Keepers

Put simply what it actually means for the green keeper is that  you have a new set of eyes watching your course.

You can read about the science of satellite biomass measurement HERE.

Satellite biomass evaluation is in fact looking at grass in ways that humans cannot appreciate and the regular reports that you can now get about each individual zone of grass can highlight potential health and stress problems in grass BEFORE they are visible even to the expert human eye.

FairWay Awards Grass Health Challenge

The aims of the Grass Health Challenge is to recognise the efforts of green keepers to create and maintain the best quality grass.

If you are interested to sponsor one of the grass health awards click HERE for more information.

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