Golf Grass Vitality 2019

2019 may be described as a more typical year without extremes of weather that caused stress in golf grass in 2018. However one factor that was prominent in the second half of the year was the volume of rain: in 2019 the UK saw one of the wettest autumns in recent years. Despite this the annual trend was strikingly different in 2019 compared with 2018.

With these wide fluctuations in NDVI though the year, the the over all average for the whole year in 2019 was 70% (n=506 monthly observations), 5% higher than 2018.

The chart indicates quite clearly that as the growth of grass accelerates in the spring the range of possible scores (Max/Min) narrows, but either side of this burst of natural vigour the maximum and minimum possible scores widen.

Regional differences were in evidence in 2019. Once again the North East generated the highest overall vitality scores and Scotland the lowest scores.

In summary, if 2018 was extreme and abnormal then 2019 maybe was closer to what we might expect normal to be and shows some of the patterns that we could expect to see frequently from year to year.

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Please enter your recollections of the 2019 – did you see the same things described above or was it different? What pattern through the year is normal from your perspective?

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