Golf Grass Vitality 2020

As of March 2020, we are only able to look at part of the year. The main growth period is still in the future but the early indications are that the average NDVI has dipped slightly whereas it would reasonable from the evidence of 2019 to expect grass vitality to start rise in March. As we stand today, 2020 sits closer to 2018 than 2019. One of the possible explanations is that this is the effect of record rain levels in February 2020.

The overall average for January to March 2020 is 65% (n=103 monthly observations), a figure closer to 2018 than 2019.

Regionally , the North East again delivers the highest vitality reading for golf grass and it is clear from the chart below that in the absence of this positive contribution the remainder of the uk would be running at lower level – in fact taking out the exceptional positive influence of the North East the average vitality across the UK in Q1 2020 drops from 65% to 63%.

In March 2020 we are only at the start of the main grass growth phase. The question before us is not whether golf grass in the uk will green up and grow but what is the level of underlying health in the grass that allows it to respond to inputs and resist the wear and tear of use. It is entirely possible that the consequences of poor health will become apparent in the autumn rather than in the spring.

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Please enter your thoughts – where do you think we are today in terms of grass health on golf courses and how do you see the season playing out? Will it be like 2018 or like 2019?

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