Satellite Precision Management

In the agricultural sector NDVI measurement is used to assess the health and growth of crops. Knowing that different parts of a field are at different levels of growth, either forward or backward compared with the rest of the field, farmers can use the measurement of these differences to adjust fertiliser rates up or down as they travel across the field.

Satellite measurement of golf grass is on many respects no different to a field of wheat. In this section we will illustrate how using the NDVI reading from satellites at local level on the ground can be used to create a unique fertiliser plan for each fairway.

Step 1: Map the golf course

Having located the golf course using a simple interactive web based programme the first step is to map and label each fairway. This only needs to be once.

Step 2: Chose the NDVI date

Next step is to decide which date to use for the fertiliser plan. Satellites pass over several times a month so another application of the data is enable a regular monitoring so that its possible to see how grass reacts to managements decisions though the year.

Step 3: Create the fertiliser plan based on your chosen NPK

This example is based on a 13:03:13 fertiliser. The date used is a March date and the analysis is based the nitrogen component as the reference nutrient. The other decision to make is what level detail is required, in this examples the fairway is divided into three levels for simplicity but more zones are feasible which will give more precision.

Step 4: Use the same product on all fairways or customise the product for each one

Once a fertiliser plan is saved for one fairway it can be re-used for other fairways, or its possible to create a unique application map for each fairway based on a different product. In the example below the product is an autumn applied 00:20:10.

An easy entry for golf green keepers into the use and benefits of satellite NDVI

NDVI data from satellites may not offer the precision of hand held or drone mounted NDVI meters but the frequency of satellite passes makes for a less time consuming easy entry point for golf green keepers to start to use this exciting technology in every day decision making through the year.

We believe that this concept is new to the golf sector, and would be very interested to get your thoughts and views on what you have seen. Please use the contact form below to let us know what you think or if you have a question.

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